Welcome Aboard! or Welcome aboard, sailor!

Our restaurant “ZAUO” is one of a kind! The uniqueness of the restaurant is the concept of “allowing customers to try both fishing and tasting their catch at the restaurant.”

The reason we opened this restaurant is “to provide our customers with that WOW!” feeling”.


  • The visual WOW!” when stepping in the restaurant.
  • The experimental WOW!” when trying fishing.
  • The palate-pleasing WOW! when tasting their catch.


ZAUO prides itself in providing its customers with excitement, entertainment, and lasting memories.


ZAUO is a Japan-based Fishing Restaurant chain owned by Noriki Takahashi and his sons Kazuhisa and Takuya.

We opened the restaurants in Fukuoka in 1993, and now has over 20 locations throughout Japan (as of May 2018).





Our goal is not just to entertain, but to educate our customers on appreciating life by catching and eating their own fish.


Fishing at ZAUO, one can truly understand the meaning of life and why we say “Itadakimasu” before every meal in Japan.


“Itadakimasu” does not simply mean Let’s eat!” or “Bon Appetit!” but most importantly, to receive; to accept.

It is a prayer, and a significant part of Japanese etiquette.


The word is derived from the root “Itadaku” which means to teach respect and thanks for all living things around us.

This extends to the plants, animals, farmers, chef, and every aspect that went into creating the meal.


Here at ZAUO, we emphasize these values of appreciation and respect. This is why we offer menu options such as bone chips and lobster head miso soup. We value every part of the fish, because we value life itself.