Zauo offers you an opportunity to catch your favorite fish in the fish tank and eat it cooked in a variety of ways while still fresh. You can order dishes directly from the menu, however almost 90% of our customers enjoy fishing.


Customers can enjoy fishing, aiming for their favorite fish, with the fishing rods provided by the restaurant. Striped-Bass, Flounder, Rainbow Trout and Lobster are usually staples. Seasonal fish are also available.

*Obtain Fishing License and wear around your neck.

Filleting & Cooking

The customer’s catch is promptly brought to the kitchen with each customer’s table number. The chef fillets them fresh.

The customer can request how their catch is cooked. As for Striped Bass, there are some recommendable dishes such as grilled with salt, simmered in soy sauce and deep fried. If you want to try 2 styles, you can always do half and half.


The dishes from the kitchen can be brought to the customer’s table. The price for fish caught by customers is cheaper than the normal order price.